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Disability Support Services: What You Need to Know About the NDIS


If you or someone you know needs disability services, you may have heard of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This scheme provides national disability services and funding for support for people with disabilities. It is designed to give greater choice and control over how you live your life and helps ensure that you receive the right support as your needs change. Here’s what you need to know about the NDIS.

How Does the NDIS Work?

The NDIS provides funding for reasonable and necessary support that is tailored to an individual’s goals and aspirations, enabling them to access the same opportunities as others in their community. The NDIS covers many different forms of support, including assistive technology, home modifications, transport, personal care, therapies, respite care, community access, accommodation support and employment assistance.

Disability services providers can help with NDIS planning, and can provide information about what supports are available to you. You will usually be assessed by a qualified professional in order to determine which supports are suitable for your needs. A plan will then be created outlining your individual goals as well as a budget for which certain supports can be accessed. Once approved by a Local Area Coordinator (LAC), this plan will be administered on an ongoing basis.

What You Need to Know About the NDIS (2nd) | Universal Care

Let Universal Care and Support Help You

Universal Care and Support is here to help people who are seeking disability services under the NDIS. Our team of professionals provide comprehensive assessments so that we can accurately identify each individual’s required disability services.

Universal Care and Support’s goal is to empower individuals with disabilities by providing tailored services that meet their specific requirements in order to achieve maximum independence in all areas of life.

By understanding how the NDIS works and how Universal Care and Support can help you access national disability services through this scheme, you can take charge of your own well-being journey and make sure that your needs are met in the best way possible. We believe everyone should have access to quality support so that they are able to live their best life possible. Get the best disability services in Melbourne now. Find out more when you search “disability services near me” – contact us today!

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