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Ndis Funding Categories | Universal Care

Empowering Your Independence: Our Comprehensive Range of Independent Living Services

The NDIS capacity building category includes independent living services, which provide personal assistance with daily living tasks in accordance with your goals and priorities. This category of the NDIS Capacity Building & Improved Daily Living Support is the most adaptable, as it can be tailored to your particular circumstances.

Aside from availing our NDIS Assistance with Daily Life services, you can also get on board with our Transport Services in Melbourne and experience safe, reliable and comfortable travel like never before.

Empowering Your Independence: NDIS Assist for Personal Activities and Daily Living

Assist personal activities in NDIS is one of the top NDIS activities that Universal Care and Support specialises in. We are staffed by a team of friendly and knowledgeable personal care workers dedicated to making your daily routine more manageable and attainable. We can assist you with NDIS daily activities such as grooming and hygiene, daily household tasks, toileting, meal preparation, and clothing. We guarantee that you will live in a secure, comfortable home that significantly improves daily living.

The supports under Capacity Building in NDIS can take place in a variety of locations. Our Assistance with Daily Life in NDIS services can benefit a person who is either living alone or away from home in a variety of ways.

Universal Care and Support can help you in establishing a successful assisted independent living environment with essential CB daily activities in NDIS. As a committed Independent Living Centre in Australia, we are always available to serve you.

Effortlessly Organise Your Life With a Personal Assistant in Melbourne

Get in touch with Universal Care to begin your journey of care together with our Personal Care Assistance program. Our highly experienced NDIS support coordinators and disability support workers will make sure you get only the best kind of assistance. Schedule a consultation now and enjoy assisted living in Australia!.


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