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Benefits of Supported Independent Living for NDIS Participants


The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a programme created to aid in the care and support of disabled individuals. It is a needs-based, individualised system of support designed to assist individuals with disabilities to live independently.

One of the services supported by the NDIS is the supported independent living programme. This programme assists disabled individuals in living in their own homes or supported housing. Additionally, it can provide assistance for community participation.

As a participant in the NDIS, you may be wondering what supported independent living services are and how NDIS Provider Melbourne can help you access them. Continue reading to discover more about the supported independent living programme and its benefits.

What Supported Independent Living (SIL) Is And What It Involves

Independent living is a term used to describe a variety of living situations for individuals who require some level of assistance to maintain their independence. Supported independent living (SIL) is one type of arrangement that can be used to assist disabled individuals.Supported independent living for NDIS participants facilitates their independence.

In a SIL arrangement, the individual resides in his or her own house or apartment, but has access to support services as needed. This could consist of assistance with cooking, cleaning, personal care, or transportation. Depending on the individual’s needs, the level of assistance provided will vary.

Individuals who wish to live independently but require additional assistance can benefit greatly from SIL arrangements. If you are interested in exploring SIL as an option, you should consult with your physician or case manager to determine if it would be a good fit for you. Here is a list of some of the included programme supports:

  • Individualised academic guidance
  • Personalised education programmes
  • Internet and library resource accessibility
  • Study skills development
  • Planning and guidance for a career
  • Individual guidance
  • Even more!

How The SIL Programme Is Funded Through The NDIS

Individualised funding is used to fund the SIL programme by the NDIS. This means that each person with an NDIS plan has a personal budget that they can use to purchase the services and support they need to live a fulfilling life.

The SIL programme is one of the numerous services and supports that NDIS can fund. You can discuss the SIL programme with your NDIS planner if you are eligible for the NDIS.

Why Should You Choose Supported Independent Living as an NDIS Participant

You may be curious about your options for supported living arrangements if you are a participant in the NDIS. Supported Independent Living, or SIL, may be an option worth considering. Here are some reasons why selecting SIL may be your best option:

SIL enables you to live in your own home or in Short Term Accommodation Melbourne, granting you the independence you seek.

SIL provides support services for NDIS Social Activities of daily living, such as cooking, cleaning, and personal care.

SIL provides the opportunity to interact with other members of the community and engage in social activities.

SIL grants you greater control over your budget and expenditures.

SIL helps you live your life on your own terms, according to your desires.

Universal Care’s accommodation and tenancy is the optimal option if you’re looking for assistance that maximises your independence and freedom of choice. Contact us today to know your options.

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