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5 Tips for Living in Specialist Disability Accommodation


Short-Term Accommodation NDIS  is funding for help and a place to stay away from your usual home for a short time. This is also called “respite.” It pays for care outside of your home for up to 14 days at a time. For a short time, you might stay with other people or by yourself. It’s usually paid for when your usual caregivers can’t help you or when you want to try something new.

Living in Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) can be a big adjustment. Moving from your family home, or from supported accommodation, into your own place comes with a lot of changes – some expected, and some unexpected. Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of your new home and support you to live the life you want.

Settle in gradually: unpacking all of your boxes at once can be overwhelming, and may make your new space feel small and cluttered. Try unpacking a few boxes each day, and put things away as you go. This will help you to settle in gradually, and give you time to figure out where everything should go. If you’re not sure where to start, focus on unpacking the essentials first (like clothes, bedding, towels etc).

The following tips from a registered NDIS provider, Universal Care & Support,  will help you find the right ndis respite accommodation and how to make your life easier.

1. Get To Know Your Housemates:

If you’re living in an SDA house with other people, take the time to get to know them. You don’t have to be best friends, but it’s helpful to know a bit about the people you’re living with. Introduce yourself when you first move in, and maybe organise a group activity every now and then (like a movie night or BBQ). Knowing your housemates can make living in an SDA a lot more enjoyable.

2. Find Your ‘Happy Place:

 Everyone needs a space that they can call their own – somewhere they feel comfortable and safe. It might be your bedroom, the lounge room, or even just a corner of the backyard. Wherever it is, make sure it’s somewhere that makes you happy. Once you’ve found your happy place, put things there that make you feel good (like photos of your family and friends, or favourite books and magazines). This will help you to relax when you need some time out.

3. Create a Routine:

Having a routine can help to make living in an SDA much easier. Decide what time you want to get up each day, when you’ll have meals, and when you’ll do activities like exercise or shopping. Having a set routine will help to structure your day and make living in an SDA feel more ‘normal’. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it – there are plenty of support services available if you need assistance creating a routine that works for you.

4. Make the Most of Your Support Team:

 One of the great things about living in an SDA is that you have access to lots of different support services. If you need help with anything – from cooking and cleaning to budgeting and personal care – there will be someone who can assist you. Get to know the members of your support team, and let them know what kind of assistance you need (and when). That way they can provide the best possible support for YOU.

Living in an SDA comes with its own set of challenges – but it can also be an  extremely rewarding experience. With a bit of organisation (and maybe some help from your support team), living in an SDA can be easy – and even fun!

Use these tips to help make the most of your new home, and remember; if anything does come up that you’re not sure how to handle… just ask for help! There are plenty of services available that exist specifically to assist people living in SDAs.

Living in a Specialist Disability Accommodation (2nd) | Universal Care

Universal Care & Support: Provider of Reliable SDA

That’s why  specialist disability accommodation is an investment (SDA) you can make for your loved ones. We can help and would love to talk with you if you are just starting your NDIS plan or if you have been approved for SDA and are looking for the best place to live. Here at Universal Care, one of the leading NDIS short term accommodation providers, we allow our participants to enjoy their stay and get access to the NDIS scheme. 

Want to start making a difference in your life? Get in touch with us!~

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